Cookie policy

This cookie policy sets out the rules under which Kashmir (hereinafter referred to as the Company) manages its website and protects the interests of website visitors in relation to the confidentiality of transmitted data.

In accordance with the settings of the browser, the cookie automatically collects information sent by the website visitor’s web browser when accessing the Company’s websites. Basically, this information contains the IP address currently assigned to the computer of the site visitor, as well as information about the type of operating system and browser installed.

A cookie is a small text file that is saved to your hard drive by a web server.

A distinction is made between “session cookies” and “persistent cookies”.

Session cookies
Session cookies are used to assign a unique, random identification number to your computer each time you visit one of the Company’s websites. Session cookies are destroyed when the browser is closed. Session cookies are used to maintain the functionality of the Company’s websites and to determine how a visitor to the website uses the Company’s websites, i.e. obtaining information about the pages visited by the site visitor, the links used and the duration of stay on each page.

Persistent cookies
In permitted cases, the Company uses persistent cookies, which are not deleted immediately after the browser is closed, but remain on the computer until they expire at the end of the set period or until they are deleted by the site visitor on their own. Each time you visit any of the Company’s websites, the server will be able to determine the presence of a persistent cookie on the visitor’s computer hard drive. After assigning a unique permanent identifier to a computer, the Company may create a database with information about the preferences and settings selected by the site visitor. The unique identifier helps the Company to more accurately determine how often websites are visited, how often a site visitor returns to them, how visit patterns change over time, and how effective website marketing is. This information does not include personal data of the website visitor; it only allows you to get an idea of ​​the routes of movement through the Company’s websites.

Consent to the use of cookies
The site visitor’s prior consent to the use of session cookies is not required, as they are essential for the website to function and expire immediately after the site is no longer used. The use of persistent cookies with information about the parameters and preferences chosen by the site visitor, if these cookies are not necessary for the operation of the site, is only allowed with the prior express consent of the site visitor. By browsing the Company’s website, the site visitor consents to the use of persistent cookies, unless the site visitor has changed the computer settings to block the installation of such cookies. This rule applies to third party cookies.

How to change your cookie settings
Configuring your internet browser is a free and effective way to manage cookies. You can choose from the following options:

— use all cookies integrated into the pages and into the content being viewed. Note: on the one hand, only their senders can read these cookies; on the other hand, this process is not final. It is possible to deactivate cookies later (management of cookies may vary depending on the type of Internet browser of the website visitor, for which you should read the relevant instructions),

– blocking site visitor cookies on the device may affect site navigation. Cookies are required to use some features (for example, the operating system may not be recognized or the site may not display the correct language). Therefore, the Company does not accept responsibility for any inconvenience caused by the possible incorrectness of the provision of services due to the unavailability of cookies,

— respond affirmatively or negatively to a request from the browser before installing a new cookie on the device;

– accept or reject cookies depending on their publisher.

How cookies are managed depends on the browser of the website visitor. To collect statistics on the Company’s website, analytical tools from Google inc and Yandex are used, provided in accordance with the rules for the provision of services of these companies.

These services are used to evaluate the activities of visitors and prepare relevant reports in the interests of the site owner. The possibility of identifying a site visitor is reduced to a minimum, however, the above actions do not ensure complete anonymity of data.