Tourmaline Paraiba

The most coveted stone of the last decade is the Paraiba tourmaline

Let’s talk about the main factors that affect the impressive cost of this extraordinary gem.


Tourmaline Paraiba


One day in 1987, in Brazil, in the state of Paraiba, a stone with a neon-blue glow was discovered. He was given the name Paraiba in honor of the settlement of the same name.Surprisingly, at first it was sold for a very low cost, not understanding the full value and beauty of an extraordinary mineral. But then, after 2 years in 4 days of the exhibition in 1989, the stone increased in price from $200 to $2000 per carat! Unfortunately, for more than 25 years, the original mining site in Brazil has been exhausted. But after a short time, other deposits were discovered – in Mozambique, Nigeria (2001) and Madagascar. To date, the Brazilian stones, found about 20-30 years ago, are still the most valuable.

Tourmaline Paraiba has an investment weight:

• The stone has not only an azure color, but also its own small palette of shades: from mint blue and lime green to purple (the most rare type).

• The color is due to the content of copper, manganese and magnesium.

• Paraiba without inclusions is an extremely rare case. Inclusions in this stone are acceptable.

The so-called “Sugar Paraiba” is a stone with many inclusions that make it even more weightless and beautiful.

But at the same time, this feature reduces the purity characteristic.

It is interesting that in 20 years only 50 kg of this stone was mined, while the amount of diamond mining is close to several hundred tons per year.

Factors affecting the price:


1. Color
2. Clarity (no inclusions international GIA stone rating). The stone is subject to internal imperfections, gas inclusions, veils. Most of the stones lack transparency.

3. Level of hardness. According to gems, the hardness level of Paraiba tourmalines is not very high (7-7.5)

4. Stones from 5-6 carats are unique and rare. Since they themselves are mined in a small weight.

5. Cut quality. In the Paraiba cut, proportions and symmetry are very important, it is important that the stone “burns” and “plays”.
Incorrect cutting kills carat, that is, the stone loses weight.

6. Certificate. Recall that the most expensive and rare stones in the world come from Brazil. Representatives of Mozambique, Nigeria and Madagascar are not inferior in quality to them.

7. The presence of traces of refinement. heat treatment procedure. If the stone is not heated, this also significantly increases its value.

Tourmaline Paraiba is now the cherished dream of any girl. An expert from the KASHMIR jewelry house will help you not to make a mistake in choosing and make the right investment.
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