Wedding ring: what color of gold is better to choose?

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The addition of various metals to pure gold is necessary for the strength and durability of the finished jewelry, and impurities also determine the hue of the alloy, its ability to reflect light, and other characteristics.

The amount of pure gold content can be determined by the sample affixed to the product. In Russia, a metric test is used: its value indicates the number of grams of pure noble metal in 1 kilogram of alloy.


Wedding ring: what color of gold is better to choose?


So, 958 sample contains up to 96.3% pure gold. This alloy includes silver and copper. It is resistant to environmental influences, retains polish well, but is very plastic.

958 gold has a rich yellow tint. It is mainly used to make wedding rings and pendants.

750 proof is the second most popular gold alloy. It contains up to 75.5% of the noble metal.

This alloy is durable and highly polished, so 750 gold products are durable and shine beautifully.

585 test is the most popular alloy in jewelry production. It contains up to 59% pure gold and includes silver, palladium, nickel, copper, zinc.

585 gold is quite hard and durable, it practically does not tarnish. The range of shades is wide – from white, red and yellow to green in various shades, depending on the proportion of added metals.

500 and 375 samples are practically not used in jewelry production. 375 is commonly referred to as a gold-bearing silver-copper alloy. Such gold tarnishes quite quickly in air, which significantly limits its use.

Despite the large palette of possible shades of gold, the most popular are still yellow, pink and white gold.

Yellow gold

Its intense color is most reminiscent of the shade of native gold, which has long been used to create truly royal jewelry. But pure gold is not a very practical jewelry: because of its softness, the jewelry is not suitable for everyday wear.

The addition of a ligature significantly increases the wear resistance of gold items. Yellow gold 585 allows jewelers to make jewelry of varying degrees of complexity. At the same time, they remain wear-resistant and do not lose their attractiveness.

Red gold

Red gold is obtained by adding an alloy containing a certain amount of copper and zinc to the precious metal.

The more copper is added to the alloy, the more saturated red tint the finished product acquires. If up to 10% palladium is added to the alloy, this gives the gold an even deeper pink hue.

Conversely, a small amount of silver in the alloy softens the pink color, making it more noble.

Jewelers appreciate rose gold for its exceptional strength, which allows creating airy, openwork jewelry without fear of deformation.

Choosing an engagement ring is a responsible step that requires informed decisions. But we sincerely recommend that you be guided not only by taste and aesthetic criteria, but also by the assessment of the experts of the KASHMIR jewelry house.
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